Wednesday 19 November 2014

feeling like superman??

for most of us the answer if NO

with pressure and stress from work and home life, most peoples problem with eating healthily and sticking to exercise regimes is lack of time and energy! especially as the cold weather is setting in....

and it is a minefield out there with knowing what are the best things to eat and not eat! whilst i can't magic any time your way i can offer you some advice on how to get a bit more energy and feel good factor from what you eat :) 

first of all you need to look at what you are eating and see where you can make any changes - simply stop eating certain things that are holding you back and introduce better alternatives

first up refined sugar - it is the devil! and it's in more things than you think, so follow a rule of trying to stick to sugars from fruit and natural sweeteners such as honey and agave (but not too much) avoid anything with with added sugar and check food labels. obviously no-no to sweets, but look out for it in drinks and cereal. over consumption of refined sugar can give you low energy, brain fog and mood swings.

a lot of people nowadays are opting for a dairy free or even vegan diet, whether for personal or ethical reasons. but dairy has been linked to problem skin, bad digestion, joint inflammation and heart disease.... opt for natural alternatives such as almond milk and coconut oil as opposed to cows milk and butter

avoid anything processed, with additives and preservatives. most pre packed foods and ready meals contain these along with added colourings. go for natural and organic, low gi foods such as dark chocolate, oatcakes and pitta breads (avoid white bread, potatoes and cornflakes) eating these types of foods will speed up fat burn and give you more nutrients 

for more energy include superfoods in your diet such as goji berries, chia seeds and spinach and hydrate with coconut water. try jaxcoco which comes in a yummy banana option too!  

sticking to raw foods has massive benefits as your having foods in their purest form, not getting rid  of any of the vitamins and minerals through cooking. raw chocolate is a must!  

and try to avoid genetically modified gm food is basically manufactured to give us cheaper and  more plentiful foods, but messing with nature in this way has its downfalls such as allergies and digestion problems. again stick to natural, and be careful of using soya milks as a lot out there are gm.

you may feel more oomph without gluten and wheat in your diet - avoiding them can give you stable energy levels as they are slow digesting and cause bloating. go for gluten free grains such as quinoa and millet 

one great way of including all of these things is to try superfood powders such as spirulina and chorella. these alkalizing powders can be added to water or juices as part of your daily eating plan :) 

one final note - try all of the above and stick to greens, seeds and nuts, all natural protein powders and i promise it will give you more energy, glowing skin, an alert mind and a higher sex drive - what's not to want?? 

lifebox deliver health and superfoods right to your doorstop and if you enter 'cleanerlife' at the checkout you can get a 10% discount! 

one of my favourites from my lifebox was the rebel kitchen coconut mylk, dairy free and fresh deliciouness! from chai and green tea flavours, to banana and chocolate (currently on offer in both tesco & waitrose) they really are a healthy treat :) 

a handy 'snack in the box' was rawbites fruit & nut protein bar - containing simply dates, almonds, rice protein, pumpkin seeds & cacao. gluten, dairy and refined sugar free! 

and herbs hands healing do a great superfood powder containing all you should need and energirevive powder - tried, tested and loved by myself and my clients! enter 'flexiblog' at the checkout for 15% off until the end of the month....

just enough time to get yourself feeling like superman or woman for the festive period!

update // just tried the most delicious dairy

free yoghurts EVER!! with no added sugar

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