Wednesday 17 August 2016

complete bliss!

flow are a manchester based vegan yoga pop up, so when i was invited to their event at the WONDERFUL wonder inn i couldn't wait

the event promised delicious, nutritious vegan food, a guided yoga class, meditation and a motivational speech - all of which it delivered....
on arrival we were greeted with herbal teas & spring water in relaxed seating and encouraged to get to know each other before our day began. it was really nice to meet like minded people and hear of peoples journeys with yoga, some complete beginners and others experienced teachers!

the wonderful sonya took the yoga class which was an amazing 90 minute pranyama and asana practice, perfectly setting us up for the day. simply focusing on the breath and the body was really refreshing first thing on a sunday morning :) 

after yoga we were treated to a delicious breakfast - i went for vegan porridge topped with banana, dates & almonds- nom nom, there was also freshly ground coffee & baked bread/organic preserves on offer
after breakfast we went into an empowering discussion with life coach max kohanzad who focussed on not constantly judging ourselves and learning to live in the present moment - it was really thought provoking and after much debate it felt we were all on the same level - bliss
after meditation and saying our goodbyes to jonathen the organiser, we were given some more delicious vegan treats and a goody bag containing a candle, incense and an affirmation card - mine was communication - so here you are! 
it was a wonderful day and wish i could spend every sunday doing the same, flow are due to be back soon with more events so maybe my dreams will come true :)