Thursday 7 May 2015

Pilates Vs Yoga

On a recent yoga course (more of which I’ll go into next time) it became apparent to me of the big divide between yoga and pilates. They get put under the same umbrella but in fact they are in completely different seasons!

Having only done pilates a few times, mostly at The Yoga Lounge I must admit I have always seen myself more of a yogi but I really do see the benefits of pilates every time I do it....

The reformer class, done a machine really does get you into a deep stretch – deeper than I thought was possible, and it gave me a great boost of energy for the rest of the day! The pilates on the mat class was also a good stretch class and pushed me to my limit! With a little help from Nisha, the fab instructor :) 

There are obviously many different types of both pilates and yoga. Pilates is a much newer invention with yoga having a deeper and more spiritual history, sometimes with meditation included. Pilates classes have always seemed more structured to me, focussing on the spine and core, whereas the yoga I’ve done gives me an all over body workout and stretch. 

One thing they don’t seem to agree on is the breath – breathing in and out through the nose in most yoga classes but through the mouth in pilates.... Although a yoga class I teach asks you to focus on your breath but allow yourself to breath freely, so whatever feels natural and most relaxing!

Having tried Bikram in the past, I wanted to give another type of hot yoga a go so I went back to the Yoga Lounge where they do a great 60 minute class. Although it’s a shorter class than Bikram, Janes class definitely worked me as much and felt more flowing than a structured Bikram session. I do definitely see the benefits of both though....

All I would say in the minefield of yoga and pilates is to try as many different types and style of both as you can and make your own decision on what you like. You don’t need to choose one over the other, I see the benefits of both and will continue to deepen my knowledge and skills of both :) 

This starts next weekend as I’m off to the OM yoga show in Manchester – they are kindly giving away 5 pairs of tickets to flex readers! All you need to do is like our Facebook page then let me know your favourite yoga pose and why!

Also Nisha (who formerly instructed at the Yoga Lounge) would like to let you readers know about a retreat she is running – one course has just finished this week but get in there early for the next one in November!

It’s a rustic yoga/pilates retreat in the Hacienda, Spain for just £299 per person based on 2 sharing. 4 days/3 nights, full board plus yoga and pilates classes :) Maybe see you there....