Sunday 11 May 2014

cherry good for you!!  

as i've touched on in the past certain fruits, especially cherries, contain naturally occuring melatonin which helps you sleep 

cherries are also an effective antioxidant and contain anthocyanins which reduce inflammation (amongst lots of other benefits) so helps with recovery after exercise....

a great thing i have been using recently is cherry active which is 100% natural montmorency cherry juice. i simply have the concentrate with water after a workout and sometimes add to natural yoghurt to give it a delicious flavour - it also comes in capsules and dried fruit form!

find out more here about this cherry, sorry VERY beneficial product here and you lucky flex readers can claim a 10% discount with any purchase. just enter FLEX10 but be quick as the code expires on may 18th

you can also pick up at your local holland & barrett or you manchester heads get down to 8th day where i work as a nutritionist :)