Sunday 3 June 2018

You must Goa to Goa!
Late last year a long term relationship came to an abrupt end & I felt my world had been turned upside down.... as I'd been considering going on anther yoga retreat & doing more training I thought it was the perfect time to go away!

Part of the opening and closing ceremony (respectively)
India had always been somewhere I wanted to go being the birthplace of yoga, and as I'd decided to combine with a special birthday treat for my Mum I thought Goa was a good location to go for. My aunty had already been to Ashiyana and highly recommended it so I decided to check out their up & coming retreats....
                                           Alicia doing her thing
A chakra retreat in January almost seemed like it was meant to be - I do want to go & fully immerse myself in the mountains of Rikishesh one day but for the purpose of this trip I thought somewhere a little more westernised & familiar was a good shout.

 Mum & I in inversion action! 
Everyone can benefit from working on their chakras - myself with what was going on my life at the time & Mum just having a marked birthday (60th - sorry mama!) It really was like self therapy from the opening ceremony to this present day - as I've carried on the readings, breath work & practices daily....

We went from this to this in the space of a week 
The resort itself was beautiful - set in an Indian fauna just off the beach, with its own private path down to the sand :) The rooms were lovely, spacious & clean with everything we needed.... including an extra bed in our room for film nights!

Our lovely hosts Alicia & Didier
Animal magic around the resort
The retreat included a 2 hour class in the morning with pranayama, followed by a nutritious breakfast - all vegetarian with vegan & gluten free options. A few hours free time in the afternoon was usually spent lazing on the beach, buying handmade products from the lovely ladies selling their work.... then back for an afternoon workshop.

The beautiful surroundings of the resort
The workshops varied from day to day from shaking, to breathing & chanting - all of which myself, Mum and the other guests thoroughly enjoyed! Included in the price was a massage & we opted for an extra one at the spa both of which were amazing....

Beach time
The week really allowed for self reflection, not just by giving you time to think but through the practices, meditation & whole experience. I wish I could go on the next retreat the hosts Alicia & Didier (yoga teacher & bodywork coach respectively) are doing! Mum enjoyed it so much is going to Spain on the next retreat & flex readers can get 10% of the price here

I came away feeling energised, happy & healthy & ready to face my new life at full throttle :) 

Missing these views!
Alicia & Didier will also be returning to Ashiyana in Goa for the chakra retreat later this year & early next year - email her here for details! 

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