Sunday 22 January 2017

From Mexico to India 

I've travelled a lot in the past few weeks - well I say I have, I mean my mouth! My tastebuds have been treated to what now are my 2 fave eateries in Manchester

First up we visited Mexico, make that Mexica on Blossom Street in the up and coming Ancoats area

As always I was on the hunt for a relatively healthy meal, and Mexican cuisine may not be associated with this (cheese, red meat, more cheese, fried beans and maybe some extra cheese) but this place is far from a greasy mexican mess! 

Although there were no salads on the menu our very helpful waiter sorted out a deconstructed burrito as a salad, so some lovely lean beef with most of the extras (minus the cheese, which I did later regret) but it saved me a few calories for some cocktails ;)

A spicy margarita and a smooth espresso martini were devoured pre/post meal respectively and my guest went for the typical beer and burrito combo, accompanied by some super hot sauces which he thoroughly (with steam coming out of his ears) enjoyed! 

Keep a lookout for regular great offers here-at the moment every Mon-Fri from 5-7pm the beer & burrito combo is just £10!

They also have vegetarian options on the menu to please everybody :) PLUS 20% FOR ANYONE WHO MENTIONS 'FLEX' 

Ariba ariba.... Deliveroo also available!

Next stop was India for some amazing street food at the new (to Manchester) Bundobust - hidden away in a cool basement space on Piccadily Gardens. Originating from Leeds (via India obvs) they don't shout about their vegetarian menu as really this is what you should expect from a traditional Indian Street food establishment....

To be honest my guest may have been a little disappointed on arrival (as a carnivore) about the lack of meat on the menu, but he was a happy man with a happy belly on departure! The tasty 8% craft beers may have had something to do with that also....

On a serious note all of the dishes were (seriously) tasty!! With a few recommendations from our lovely waitress Solgor we had 2-3 dishes each combining crunchy okra fries, smooth onion bhajis, super tasty samosa, a lovely egg bhurji & paneer/mushroom skewers and the zingy salad.... With lots of vegan and gluten free options you really are spoilt for choice and you can actually order a combo for 6 (which includes every dish on the menu) for £66! 

With a great drinks menu too I happily sipped a few mango and rosewater gin brambles and saved a bit of room for the only desert on the menu - a deliciously creamy kulfi, a traditional Indian ice cream on a stick, which for £2.50 and takeaway available (with 10% discount added!) I can see myself popping in there in the summer before going to sit in the newly renovated Piccadilly gardens in the sunshine.... one can dream

Although I won't be leaving it until the summer to return - the onion bhaji butty on the menu needs to be tried and tested! Will keep you posted 

Deliveroo not yet available in Manchester for Bundobust but you can order online through their website

Now wheres that map? Need to decide on my next destination 

Until next time 


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