Wednesday 13 July 2016

We Are Kettlebelles!!

I've been wanting to visit Kettlebell Kitchen since it opened earlier this year but having such a busy diary has meant me putting it off again & again - well what a mistake that was! I truly wish I'd been earlier as I've been missing out....

Already recommended by clients and friends alike this place was just what Manchester needed - describing themselves as a clean fast food joint with additive, refined sugar & preservative free natural beautiful food - they were spot on :)

Choosing an early morning visit meant breakfast was on offer (before 11am) - as I had only done a yoga session prior I wanted to go carb free, so went for the omlette which came loaded with tasty peppers, bacon and mushrooms and a super fresh side salad

My fellow 'kettlebell' had come straight from the gym so wanted to load up a bit more - she opted for the breakfast bagel - with the help of Rae the lovely girl taking our orders - a Dr Zaks approved meal with locally sourced meat and low carb bagel

me enjoying my coffee shake/my tasty omlette
amber tucking into her breakfast bagel/
the ever so smiley rae doing her thang! 

Again with advice from Rae I went for a refreshing coffee shake - cold coffee, chocolate protein, zero fat yoghurt & milk and ice - blended, it felt like a naughty treat but was actually a healthy caffeine & protein boost! I had wanted to try the Bulletproof coffee but as I suspected was advised just to have this after exercising alongside no other food due to the high fat content.... oh well gives me an excuse to go back ;) 

The main dishes on offer come in the form of Kettltbell boxes where you choose a base, like sweet potato mash or quinoa, add a protein such as steak or tofu and then add extra toppings and sauces for as little as £7.95!

With protein pizza, deserts and loads more shakes on the menu I will definitely be visiting again for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Open from 7am-9pm on weekdays and 11-7pm Sat and 11-5 Sun it's convenient for all 

One of the things I loved was all the nutritional info on the menu so you can make an informed decision based on any diet, plan or rules you follow - or if not just to know anything you do choose is super healthy! 

Able to do a few pull ups, kettelbell swings & plate presses pre or post meal in the industrial style surroundings - the founder Crossfitter Carley has clearly made her mark :)  

Living in town it was easy enough to walk to the Ancoats location, there is plenty of street parking around - not you healthy lot would dream of driving somewhere! 

They also offer meal preps, loyalty & membership cards and are on deliveroo - so you really have no excuse not to try Kettlebell Kitchen! 

You most definitely won't regret it :)

the workout areas
fitness alkaline water 

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