Thursday 12 November 2015

Everyone needs some therapy in their life....Sporting Therapy that is! 

Working in the fitness industry I have obviously come across physiotherapists before but have luckily never needed to use one myself…
After a client having some terrible pains in her back (not from me I must add!)she had visited the nearest physio and told me about Sporting Therapy

From the feedback she gave me about how Johnny (the director of  Sporting Therapy and an advanced clinical sports therapist) did such a good job I was intrigued :) 

Now you’d think you’d have to have a problem to visit a physio – don’t worry I didn’t try and lift a heavy weight on purpose.... I thought I’d book an assessment to see if he could tell me anything I didn’t already know!
I also thought I could use the information from the  assessment as a preventative measure…  I see a lot of shoulder and knee injuries in my line of work and wanted to avoid at all costs, seeing  how debilitating they can be

The first consultation is free and I would highly recommend everyone having one as you learn so much about your body! Johnny checked my body composition - including soft tissue hydration, and a postural assessment, including weight distribution - both sides of which I found very interesting (pardon the pun ;)

I was told I need to drink 3 litres of water a day, reducing intake of fluids that dehydrate (luckily I’ve just done Sober October;) and also incorporate 5-6 grams of salt into my dietary intake - which I had always avoided for health reasons

When I first visited Johnny I didn’t really have much wrong with me – he identified some small areas that when addressed would improve my physical ability, reduce potential injury and enhance performance....
I was given some daily exercises/stretches to do to improve these areas and had an amazing (although tear-jerking) sports massage on my 2nd visit!

It was only on my 3rd visit that Johnny managed to really do some work on me as I managed to damage my knee after not running all summer (I was away in Ibiza doing my yoga training so had got out of the swing!) I’d gone for a long run followed by a walk up Pendle Hill with my dad, probably not in the best footwear – and something twinged as I was coming back down the hill

I could barely walk the morning after so booked straight in at Sporting Therapy. After limping there Johnny did some various tests tell me that the tracking of my knee had been knocked out…. He gave me some exercises to do with a resistance band doing these just once a day for the next week I was almost recovered! He also taped up my knee which I think helped although I couldn't keep on as long as I'd wanted - as I was back in Ibiza and it wouldn't have made for very nice tan lines! 

My mum also visited Johnny after having problems with her shoulder and being a keen Crossfit trainer – she found him very professional and liked the way he explained things so she understood. Johnny never seemed like he was pushing you to come back in a salesy way – he simply wanted to help you fix yourself and with his help - only if needed!  

I really couldn’t recommend this physio more – it has sparked my passion for the profession again – growing up I always wanted to be a sport physiotherapist – for Blackburn Rovers nonetheless! Johnny has been working with Olympic swim teams and it really is credit to him :) 

Sporting Therapy have kindly offered 15% on all treatments to flex readers – offering  deep tissue sports massage, taping & strapping, and exercise therapy (to name a few)
Call 0161 2364150 to book your free consultation or discounted treatment now, with the late opening until 9pm week days and the handy Northern Quarter location, it's very convenient for all 

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  1. Great writing! This is very much what I experienced at Sporting Therapy as well - help to get yourself fixed. Johnny knows how to build trust. Highly recommended!